Land Base Projects by Silvatech

Landscape Type Map

Land Use Framework Planning

Customer: Government of Alberta (GoA)
Location: Alberta, Canada
Timeframe: On-going

The Silvatech Group has been working with the Government of Alberta providing land base information supporting Regional and Sub-Regional planning.  Silvatech uses a suite of tools to provide insight into the potential implications of alternative land management strategies. These have been applied in the Lower Athabasca, the South Saskatchewan and the North Saskatchewan Regions. 

Included in this suite of tools is a Geographic Information System and landscape cumulative effects models, including the ALCES® model, to provide insight into the potential social, economic and environmental outcomes of alternative land use management strategies.  Our analysts have been bringing their experience together with the Land Use Secretariat and several Provincial Ministry and other sector representatives to populate these forecasting tools and apply them iteratively to find optimal solutions to land use challenges.

We are now working with the Government of Alberta to examine sub-regional assessments that will inform planning at the tactical level as the Land Use Framework is implemented on the ground.

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