Land Base Projects by Silvatech

Automated Water Feature Delineation from Lidar Data

Water/Wetlands Inventory

Customer: FUGRO
Location: NE Alberta, Canada
Timeframe: 1 month

Automated Water Feature Delineation from Lidar Data

Information on the location and extent of water and wetland features is essential for many applications, including various aspects of environmental planning and management. Accurate mapping of water feature information is often costly and time consuming as it is typically labour intensive.

The sample to the right exemplifies a project involving an innovative water delineation procedure developed by the Silvatech - Earth Imaging group, based on lidar data collected with the FUGRO FLI-MAP system, over-layed on orthophotography. This approach features a very short turnaround time.

Silvatech has also developed procedures to take advantage of the unique aspects of multi-spectral imagery and lidar data, enabling direct detailed delineation of water features present on the landscape at the time of data collection. The result is a timely, accurate, low cost solution for extracting water features.


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