Environmental Sciences & Aboriginal Development 

Environmental management is either directly or indirectly an integral component of land and resource development in today's business world. The Silvatech Group has 15+ years experience in providing environmental assessments, surveys and studies for fish and wildlife, watersheds, habitat and vegetation restoration, access and terrain mapping, as well as environmental monitoring and change detection. Our professional and technical personnel in operations, planning, inventories and mapping provide complimentary services that support resource development and associated environmental management.

We provide environmental and land use management support services to Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) governments and organizations to enhance their ability for land use decisions, thus bridging the consultation process between aboriginal, industry and government organizations.  This includes not only the development of land-use planning tools, but also resource management support systems. Silvatech has both western-based science professionals and Aboriginal knowledge holders to help bridge the gaps between these two very important knowledge sets.

Environmental & Aboriginal Development: 





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