Our Team

Sectors of Environmental Stewardship

Our Management Team

Terry Smith, BSF, RPF – President and General Manager

Ian Becker, RPF – Operations Forester, Development Lead

Brad Grant, CSOM Dipl.– Resource Inventories & Mapping Lead

Open - Environmental Sciences Lead

Sheryl Manti - Accounting/Administration


Silvatech has a strong contingency of forest, environmental, inventory and mapping specialists to provide integrated solutions to resource managment needs. Our team of forest professionals provide a wealth of experience in combined skill sets that offer full services to forest managers. From forest planning, reconnaisance, timber development, access engineering, cruising and silviculture support we provide complete forest management solutions.

Our environmental team includes specialists in forestry, biology, soils, hydrology, engineering and social sciences. From environmental assessments to construction monitoring to reclamation and remediation of hydrocarbon spills we have the in-house and network team to complete the job. 

Our inventoy team includes specialists in air-photo interpretation, image and LiDAR analysis and GIS support services. Silvatech has staff certified for resource inventories in BC, Alberta and Ontario and has completed work in the Yukon. 

Silvatech has pioneered many applications of GIS, Digital Imagery and LiDAR in resource management. We are continuing to develop applications of leading technology to better acquire, analize and map base features, vegetation, infrastructure, access, hydrography, habitats and support land-use planning. Our specialists have decades of experience with a wide variety of GIS, photgrammetry, imagery and LiDAR analysis platforms.  

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