Our Team

Sectors of Environmental Stewardship

Our Management Team

Terry Smith, BSF, RPF – President and General Manager

Ian Becker, RPF – Operations Forester, Development Lead

Brad Grant, CSOM Dipl.– Resource Inventories & Mapping Lead

Charles Tiemstra, CET, B.App.Sc., Environmental Sciences Lead

Marlene Jepson - Accounting/Administration


Our Technical Team

Lennart Holm, RPF - Sr. Operations Forester

Charlie Gerstmar, RFT - Sr. Forest Technologist

Reed MacKintosh, BNRS. - Forest Technologist

Joel Weatherhead, Dipl. Env. Planning -  Forest Technologist / Timber Cruiser 

Kevin Smith, Dipl. Rec./Fish/WL - Forest Technologist

Andrew Foster, BSc., RPBio, PBio - Environmental Scientist

Maurice (Moe) Lapierre, Dipl., (GIS), Dipl., T (Wrt) – GIS / Remote Sensing Analyst / Air Photo Interpreter

Kevin Stehle, BSc – Senior GIS / Remote Sensing Analyst

Geoff Lawless, BSF,  RPF – Sr. Inventory Forester / Vegetation Inventory Classifier / QA Lead

Phil Wallensteen, Dipl. For.Tech. – Sr. Forest Technologist / Project Supervisor / Vegetation Inventory Classifier

Norm Cunningham – Forest Technician / Air Photo Interpreter / Vegetation Inventory Classifier

Sergio Sáez González, BFE – Forester / Air Photo Interpreter / Vegetation Inventory Classifier

Victor Olate, BScF - Forest Technician, Vegetation Inventory Classifier

Julia Newton, BSc. - Vegetation Inventory Classifier 

Kyle Wright, BSc, - Air Photo Interpreter / Vegetation Inventory Classifier / GIS Analyst

Sean Sharpe, MSc, RPBio, PBiol - Sr. Environmental Scientist (Wildlife)

Pamela R. Dykstra, MRM, RPBio, PAg – Associate Vegetation Ecologist

Thom Stubbs, MA, RPP, MCIP - Associate Social / Environmental Planner

Dean Trumbley, BSc, RPBio - Associate Biologist / Aboriginal Development Support

Alan Bates, PEng - Associate Hydrologic Engineer / Watershed Assessments

Rajeev Sharma, PhD - Associate Remote Sensing Analyst

Andy Matysiak, MSc, RPBio, PEng. - Associate Environmental Engineer

Roger Saint-Fort, PhD - Associate Environmental Scientist (Water, Soil, Remediation)

Mike Torpe, RPF - Associate Sr. Operations Forster / Project Manager

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